The Act of Giving: Tell Us What Giving Means to You

March is a very special time of year at Macy’s. It’s the month when every employee companywide works together on our inspiring Bag Hunger campaign. As a company, we volunteer our time and resources to local food pantries and shelters across the country to help end childhood hunger. This year’s campaign is even more special as we commemorate Bag Hunger’s 20th anniversary – a milestone that means so much because of the important role giving back plays in our company.

With Bag Hunger right around the corner, we want to hear what giving means to you and why you choose to donate your time and money. Maybe you volunteer at the same food pantry each year, or maybe you made a special connection that you think of often. Our company is one of a kind in its dedication to communities, and our employees are the ones who make it that way. So tell us what giving back means to you – and it may be included in an upcoming story on Coast to Coast


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