Macy’s and Ralph Lauren Work to Provide Cancer Care to Individuals Regardless of Their Ability to Pay

Imagine skipping a cancer screening because you didn’t have enough money to fill your MetroCard, or missing a chemotherapy appointment because you couldn’t afford child care that week. Cancer affects everyone – but not everyone has access to cancer care. Ralph Lauren, in partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Macy’s, are working to change that.

Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care logo.The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention located in Harlem, New York, was founded with a mission to offer prevention, screening and treatment services to individuals disproportionately affected by the disease due to socioeconomic status. Here’s how staff at the center are working to save lives regardless of insurance or financial situation:

  • New patients are seen within 48 hours.
  • Patient Navigators advise patients and advocate for them.
  • Translators ensure patients understand their diagnoses.

Not only do the patients receive the high-quality care that they deserve, they receive emotional support and companionship needed to get through their journey. The center itself is designed to make patients as comfortable as possible before, during and after treatment.

Stepping into the Center, a feeling of warmth and welcome is immediately apparent. Art by local artists covers the walls, Ralph Lauren-approved blue-and-white-striped curtains make examination rooms more comfortable and the staff is always smiling.

Nobody should have to go untreated just because of their socioeconomic status. As a major contributor to The Pink Pony Fund, Macy’s helps make it possible for New Yorkers to receive the cancer treatment they need and deserve.

“On behalf of Ralph and our entire team, I want to thank everyone at Macy’s for your amazing support of Pink Pony. It is through our partnership in the fight against cancer that we are helping to enable a better life for patients and their families who don’t have access to quality care. Thank you for driving this important program with us,” – Patrice Louvet, President & Chief Executive Officer, Ralph Lauren Corp.


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