Macy’s and Clothes4Souls Give the Gift of Self-Confidence

This holiday season, Macy’s invited customers to give back by participating in The Big Give Back: Buy A Coat & We’ll Donate One program benefitting Clothes4Souls.

There’s no better feeling than slipping your arms into a new winter coat – like a warm, soft hug. A lot of consideration goes into a garment you’ll wear for an entire season. When you finally choose, you want it to be something that represents you – something you’ll feel confident wearing every day.

Macy’s thinks that everyone should get to experience that new-coat feeling, and to wear something that truly represents them.

That’s why, for every coat purchased Nov. 4 – 6 in the women’s, men’s, juniors and kids outerwear departments in-store and on, Macy’s donated one to Clothes4Souls to provide warmth, hope and dignity this winter.

Here’s why The Big Give Back: Buy A Coat & We’ll Donate One program is important:

A new coat could save a life.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 44 percent of the nation’s homeless are unsheltered and 700 people who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness die from hypothermia every year in the United States. This means that a new coat could save a life.

Tiffany Turner, director of Outreach at Clothes4Souls, sees the impact first-hand. “There was one family that had several children coming to get a coat, and one told me, ‘Without you, I wouldn’t have a winter coat for my oldest child,’” Turner shared. “Something as simple as buying clothes for children when they grow out of them can be difficult for some families. Closing that gap with a coat donation, like Macy’s is doing, represents a huge investment in our communities and in our growing children.”

A new coat means self-confidence.

The gift of confidence – necessary to shine during job interviews or to feel equal compared to their peers in school – is invaluable.

“When you can hand someone a brand new coat they don’t just need, but that they would want – it makes a world of difference for their self-esteem. At the end of the day, it really does give them hope,” said Turner.

The recipients are empowered by the ability to choose.

The clients are offered the same inventory that you’d see in Macy’s stores. For some, shopping for themselves provides a much-needed sense of control and choice where it may not otherwise exist.

The potential for clients to gain more than just coats is endless.

Local partnerships are forming to coincide with the coat drive events. Organizations such as Maryland Legal Aid have even begun to use the distribution events as a way to reach its clients, offering people free legal aid while they shop. The following give-back story shared by the Maryland Legal Aid team shows just how important this initiative is to people:

The coat event began on a snowy Friday afternoon as classes let out at the elementary school. Many of the teachers brought children in to get coats, and their families met them in the distribution room. After helping three little girls find new coats, Amy Petkovsek from Maryland Legal Aid turned toward the teachers, who were standing and openly crying. One of the teachers told Petkovsek that children at this school never have winter coats or anything warm to wear, and they were overwhelmed with happiness for the children.

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