How Macy’s, Inc. Showed Up to Bag Hunger

In March, we shared how Macy’s, Inc. is impacting communities across the nation through our annual Bag Hunger campaign. Now, we’re excited to share how our company, our colleagues, and our customers came together to alleviate hunger in our communities and deliver a successful campaign. Together, we have become an unstoppable force in the effort to Bag Hunger. 

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We found creative ways to donate

Jerry Hodakowski, district director, Operations/Asset Protection, donated his car to local food bank.


We got competitive

North Point hosted a competition between Keilea Orr, sales manager, and Damien Campbell, sales supervisor, to see who could raise the most money for Bag Hunger and the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Damien – the “winner” – got a pie in the face.


We delivered meals

We delivered food to homebound seniors in partnership with the Carter Burden Network and Citymeals on Wheels, two organizations that empower seniors to live safely and with dignity.


We hosted memorable fundraising events

We hosted “fashion shows for food” and orchestrated our first ever “Plantaland,” where colleagues got to bring the Flower Show home with them!


We got festive

We distributed Eastergrams and and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.


We celebrated food

Our colleagues shared their favorites – everything from Spam Musubi to nachos – hosted chili cook-offs, and prepped food for our local communities.

So what does this mean for our communities? According to Tracy Miceli, president, Paramus Bergen Community College Rotary Club, an on-campus food pantry that works with Macy’s Garden State to ensure students have enough to eat, their local Macy’s is a fixture in their community. When the two come together to fight hunger in their local community each year alongside communities nationwide – “It’s a really powerful thing.”

Thank you to all of our teams across the company for coming together to make this year’s campaign such an inspiring success.


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